Welcome to Catalyst, the portal to transforming productivity

The Change Agent

Our client portal is an interactive, data-driven site for hospital and health system leaders to manage productivity on a real-time basis. Catalyst allows users to review current pay period information, manipulate data for specific reporting needs, access tools, communicate with peers and much, much more! 

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The Formula

All Catalyst clients have gone through a comprehensive labor management assessment through Altius Healthcare Consulting Group's performance improvement solutions. Our customized services take clients on a journey toward increased efficiency, best practice operations, management accountability and above all, significant cost savings!

Assessing Status:

  • Operational Assessment
  • KPI: Financial and Operational Indicators
  • Historic Productivity Trends by Department
  • Percentile Ranking Comparisons by Department
  • Realistic and Achievable Productivity Targets for Every Relative Area

Optimizing Processes:

  • Action Planning
  • Position Control
  • Budgetary Alignment
  • Leadership Accountability
  • Management Education
  • Tools to Continue Success

Sustaining Results:

  • Biweekly Reporting
  • Quarterly Status Reports
  • KPI reports
  • Access to the client portal

Our proven process is focused on the successful evolution of healthcare organizations, providing highly effective means to controlling costs while enhancing the overall patient care experience.